Mia Zara was born in Zadar, Croatia . As the daughter of a puppeteer, sitting at rehearsals at the theatre from an early age, memorizing lines for premieres way before the cast and attending every single production her father was in, it was inevitable she would pursue a career in arts.

Her debut was playing an angel in the National Theatre production of King Stefan at the age of 10. This was the beginning.

At the age of 18 Mia moves to Sydney Australia where she gets accepted to AADA( Australian Academy of Dramatic Art) completing a full time 4 year course in acting for stage and film.

Mastering English language within months, Mia was cast in several productions at the Pilgrim Theatre (Stephen Lowe; Touched, Louis Nowra; Summer of the Aliens, Moliere; Turandot, Ackermann; The Batting Cage)

Through a combination of nostalgia and the need to travel, Mia decides to return to Europe and finds home in London, UK. Shortly after, she debuts in Second Skin Theatre production Poe Macabre Resurrections in a monodrama” The Black Cat” written by Mike Carter and directed by Andy McQuade (best theatre director 2012, Fringe Report). This sell out show was a start of a collaboration between Mquade and Zara. Not long after, Blood Privilege was brought to life with Zara as Countess Elizabeth Bathory in the lead role, the character of immense importance to Zara, as it was written for her.

Mia is currently teaching drama to aspiring young actors.

She is also directing a performance based on the concept of women and their versatility, working with five actresses, all in different age brackets , from ten to fifty years of age. The focus is to merge solo performances, organically chosen by each actress into an art installation, which moves as one body. With their bodies, performers become each others set design, with voice, they become music and sound. Pieces, flowing from one actress to the next, are wordless fragments of a women’s life, resulting in celebration of womanhood.